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AUDIOMAX-HB-8A-5 Reviews
March 1, 2017

Audiomax HB-8A Wireless Headphone Review

INTRODUCTION Today we’ll be taking a closer look at the AUDIOMAX HB-8A headphones, Claybox very kindly provided us with todays review sample. The AUDIOMAX HB-8A headphones are bluetooth capable meaning you can…

Smoking-Buds-1 Reviews
March 1, 2017

Smokin’ Buds 2 Wireless Earbuds Review

INTRODUCTION Welcome to our first review EVER on a wireless in-ear headphone solution, we have reviewed many audio products but this will be a first for us. Skullcandy were kind…

skullcandy-uproar-7 Reviews
February 27, 2017


INTRODUCTION Welcome to a review on a relatively new and incredibly well-priced pair of headphones from Skullcandy, today we will be taking a look at the Skullcandy Uproar Wireless headphones….

feartured Reviews
February 27, 2017

Plantronics Backbeat Sense Review

INTRODUCTION Today we’ll be taking a look at the Plantronics Backbeat sense Bluetooth headphones, a combination of style and function we’ll see if they’re really worth the price tag. Plantronics…

1 Reviews
February 27, 2017

Peak Design Range Review

INTRODUCTION Welcome to another review from Plexus Hub, and today we’ll be taking a look at something that we have wanted to review for such a long time. In fact,…

2 Reviews
February 27, 2017

MiVue 658 Dash Cam Review

INTRODUCTION Welcome to our latest review of a gadget everyone should have. The world moves on and cars are everywhere, and protecting your car with video footage is something very…

cyclo-200-mounting-2 Reviews
February 27, 2017


INTRODUCTION Being a cyclist I rely heavily on navigation from point a to point b more so than someone in a car for a variety of reasons; with cycling its…

final Reviews
February 27, 2017

Cryorig R1 Ultimate Review

INTRODUCTION Today we are going to take a look at a company that seems to have appeared out of thin air with a range of high-performance cooling products. With a…

AMK5000S1 Reviews
February 27, 2017


INTRODUCTION Today we will be taking a quick look at the AMK5000S action camera, which is currently on sale for $69! Obviously in the world of action cameras it is hard…

ycam3 Reviews
February 27, 2017


INTRODUCTION Many products don’t harness the true potential of the Cloud, but the Y-Cam home monitor HD is a product built for safeguarding your home with free cloud recording, so…

phone-3 Reviews
February 27, 2017

Vodafone Smart Prime 6 Review

Introduction Welcome to another Plexus Hub review, today we’ll be taking a look at the Vodafone Smart Prime 6. Phones are everywhere these days and it’s hard to choose the…

cool-camera-strap-1 Reviews
February 27, 2017

Sailor Camera Strap Review

We’re so lucky to have had an awesome package from a very unique company, in our search for the perfect camera straps we stumbled across them. Every single one of…

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