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By February 27, 2017 Reviews


Today we will be taking a quick look at the AMK5000S action camera, which is currently on sale for $69! Obviously in the world of action cameras it is hard to find one that is a good balance between quality and price. With GoPro action cameras being regarded as the best of the best, can this incredibly cheap action camera really be any good for the money? Well let me first start this review by saying, absolutely. The AMK5000S features a 1080p camera at 30fps, and can also record in 720p at 60fps. And unlike some other products on the market you can even control this via your phone to take pictures, and record footage. With the AMK5000s you even get all the accessories out of the box needed to film in a variety of situations. Making this not only an impressive product, but a versatile product.

Buying Link: www.aliexpress.com/store/group/5000S-Camera/1058133_253923479.html
Official Website: www.amkov.com


The Sports HD Mini Action Camera captures all of your breath-taking moments in full 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second. Armed with 170 degree wide-angle lens, 20.0 megapixels, waterproof encasing, and proprietary image stabilization software, the mini action camera delivers crystal-clear images in all situations. WiFi Control range of AMK5000s is 10-15m, ensuring timely transmission of data. Explore the world in a variety of ways:
● Attach the car mount and use the camera to record your road trips
● IP68 waterproof case allows you to take the camera underwater to capture
unforgettable getaways in the ocean
● Clip on the bike mount and track your journey through all terrains and weather
● Weighing at less than 1 pound, the action camera is an ultra portable solution to capturing every single moment life has to offer

Main Features:
● Sunplus 6330M Chipset
● WiFi remote control, support Android and iOS systerm
20MP CMOS sensor for better image capture and quality
● Noise remova, more clear images at night
● 4X digital zoom keeps you close to the action
● Sports design, stylish and matches your GoPro accessories
● Ultra compact and lightweight design
● IP68 waterproof up to 30m for capturing water action
● Multiple video formats: 1080P, 720P and WVGA
● Multiple photo modes: Single shot and Snapper
● Video recording while charging
TV-OUT function for aerial videos
● Crystal clear HDMI output and Motion Detection
● SD card up to 32GB (not included)
● Package includes waterproof case, helmet mount, bike mount and more
● Perfect for: Outdoor sports, extreme sports, water sports, home security, car DVR, diving, etc.





With a product like the AMK5000S the proof is really in the footage it recorded, which you can watch above on our Youtube. We feel that for the money you really can’t go wrong, especially in comparison to more expensive products. You get quite a few additional accessories which allow for the AMK5000S to be mounted just about anywhere. The battery life seems equally good, offering several hours of recording with additional batteries being inexpensive. Quite simply this is one fantastic piece of kit, and I really enjoyed testing it! Don’t forget to checkout that test footage if you are still unsure on purchasing this product!

The bottom line really is, you can’t go wrong with this product! 

Buying Link: www.aliexpress.com/store/group/5000S-Camera/1058133_253923479.html
Official Website: www.amkov.com


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