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Cryorig R1 Ultimate Review

By February 27, 2017 Reviews


Today we are going to take a look at a company that seems to have appeared out of thin air with a range of high-performance cooling products. With a focus around design, innovation and eye-catching aesthetics they are a company that you should seriously consider for your next cooling purchase. We received the flagship model from their impressive range of coolers, the R1 ultimate. For those who already know Cryorig, you will know this is the successor to the popular R1 universal. However unlike its little brother, the R1 Ultimate doesn’t seem as friendly. Performance is what the R1 Ultimate screams when you unbox it, with bigger fans and a meaner design this isn’t a cooler you want to mess with. With an all black design, it really stands out from other products on the market, especially with the subtle contrast between silver black and grey.

Straight away I wanted to talk about the first and only dislike I had with the R1 Ultimate. It looks incredible, but the glossy shrouds that surround the product are magnets for dust. But this is easily solved with intake filters and a decent case. It is surprising though, because the other products from Cryorig don’t feature much gloss, and with the current price tag of roughly £70 I would expect matte plastic. However, this was like I said the only thing I personally disliked about the product. Mounting fans and using the product is incredibly straight forward and something few companies have ever achieved. This already puts them beside our in-house favorite Noctua, and other premium cooling brands. Cryorig has appeared out of thin air, but they have taken no short cuts in the design of their products, which I think is fantastic.

Cryorig have set out to make this product sleek and stealthy, incorporating a pair of XF140mm fans which feature anti-vibration dampers out of the box. According to the specifications, these produce around 41dBA. The actual cooler has a few very unique design features: First up for discussion is the “Jet Fin Acceleration System”. If you take a close look at the fins you’ll notice cooler is divided into two sections which both feature different sized fins. Apparently, these help to supercharge the exhaust air speed by compressing the air.

They also use a method of soldering called “DirectCompress” which leads to an increase in contact surface between the heatpipes and heatsink fins. Whilst this might sound like a marketing gimmick, all of the information is on the Cryorig website and it is very interesting to read. I’ve got to hand it to Cryorig at this point, they have really taken the time to research how to make their products the best they can be.

Overall I was taken back by the immense build quality, gorgeous aesthetics and the insane size of the cooler. But whilst this is a gigantic cooler, the heatpipe alignment is designed to allow each heatpipe to work the best it can. Again going back to the point that Cryorig, as a company, are creating seriously well-researched products.


Installation is straight forward, just follow the included instructions and use the alcohol pad to clean any thermal paste on your CPU then mount the device using the extra long screwdriver included in the box. We don’t want to ramble into the small details here, but we can say the installation was something that well researched and simplified to provide a nice experience. For those who have ever mounted a cooler this big you’ll know what a nightmare some products can be, but the R1 Ultimate was one of the simplest.

We keep a spare mATX board knocking around just for photography, and installing coolers on. As you can see the R1 Ultimate is huge and at Plexus hub we have only ever reviewed one other cooler that comes close to the R1 ultimate, the Noctua D15. In terms of installation, and sheer size the two are very comparable. You’ll also notice with the R1 Ultimate you have no chance of using any high profile memory and the use of low profile ram is the only choice. So please remember before ordering this cooler that you will have to use low profile memory when running the additional fan.


CPU: Intel G3258 @ 4ghz – 1.275v
Memory: Corsair Dominator 1866mhz
Graphics: GTX 690
Cooler: Noctua C14S (Top Down)
Thermal Paste: Noctua NT-H1
PSU: Corsair AX860i

For our test setup we decided to start off with the G3258 processor, we chose it because we wanted to find a chip that would produce a decent amount of heat and stress the coolers. The G3258 is running at 1.275v at 4ghz. All of the testing was also done in an open air environment to ensure we get consistent results, benching is usually for an hour or so until the ambient temperature levels off to give a more accurate reading. Please note our testing was done with the two included fans, although we removed at a later stage due to problems getting it to fit in the Parvum R1.0.

Performance wise? This cooler is a monster. At first, I was wondering if all the marketing talk was true, but the quality does show. Weighing in at nearly the same price of a D15, I find it hard to not recommend the R1 Ultimate at this point. In fact, I enjoyed the cooler so much I was pushing voltages through my processor that I wouldn’t attempt on any other cooler to date. We managed to push our G3258 to around 4.5ghz before we started to reach the limitations of the chip. However at the voltages (1.375v – 1.4v) the R1 Ultimate wasn’t willing to back down.

We think this cooler makes for an excellent choice when considering a cooler that can handle a little extra heat. We also found the cooler didn’t produce any excess in noise when handling the higher temperatures of an overclocked processor. If I had one to spare, I would love to benchmark this cooler on an 8350 because I think it would be ice cold to the touch.


Cryorig are a new company for me to have reviewed a product from personally, and I really get the impression they sat down and put thought into their products. Quite a few companies will create a product just because they can, but Cryorig have taken the time to research and design a monolithic beast. In fact this cooler is so big you’ll be lucky if you can squeeze it into most cases. For our testing we even had to swap out our ram and install some low profile cooler ram for the benchmarking, which is a first at Plexus Hub.

I think my favorite part of the cooler was how nice it looks in our pre release Parvum R1.0 which you can see more of at a later date. Generally speaking the trend at the moment is to attempt to colour match builds, and the R1 ultimate fits into all of the possible colours I can think of. Making it hands down one of the most gorgeous coolers we have reviewed.

Bottom line? This cooler brings incredible cooling performance to the table. Although it is a beast and you might struggle to install this in a lot of systems. If you are struggling with the memory clearance issues we recommend installing the front fan at the rear of the case behind the cooler or dropping one of the fans altogether. We do feel the price is perfect, and the actual product is perfect.

Big thanks to Cryorig for sending this in for review!


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