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Peak Design Range Review

By February 27, 2017 Reviews


Welcome to another review from Plexus Hub, and today we’ll be taking a look at something that we have wanted to review for such a long time. In fact, it is more than one thing. Peak Design is a company that makes some incredible photographic products that are really really cool, and we got sent a few pieces from their arsenal to review. They create products that make the synergy between a photographer and equipment a little better, from mounting the equipment to storage. So it is no surprise that today we’ll be taking a look at two camera straps and two mounting solutions that make using your camera that little bit easier. Here is a great video from Peak Design to better describe the functionality of their products before we jump into the review:

Firstly let me explain how all of the technology works and some of the things you’ll see in common with all of the Peak Design products. Now the mounting mechanisms usually involve small peg that threads around to create a tight grip, then you lock it into the adjoining product from peak design, making most of their products semi-modular and easy to swap around. And all of the mounting mechanisms can support a variety of mounts for different sized products (like the go pro mounts).

With that out of the way, I wanted to express how insanely awesome Peak Design products can be. For most of our testing we rocked the Clutch camera strap on the spare studio camera, and then the slide camera strap for our main point and click. We actually ended up with enough gear to mount all of our camera equipment straight onto the slide camera strap including our second camera, pretty cool right?


Taking a closer look at the products can give you a better idea of what you are buying, and helps us explain a few things. Firstly remember we are taking a look at several products at the same time, mainly because Peak Design is supposed to be modular so we want to see how well they all work together. The clutch camera strap was one of the first things we got out and tested, and you can see how a small clasp is used to attach one side of the strap to the camera, we really liked this and the standard bottom mount using an Allen key. We also think the strap looks fantastic and takes seconds to put on, which is great when you are using lots of equipment.

Next up is the Slide camera strap which I’ve actually being using as my replacement main camera strap because I think it is fantastic. The idea of the mounting system allows you to either use the camera with the strap mounted on the top two corners, or with one of the sides mounted to the bottom. Which might seem odd, but it enables your camera to rest gently to your side if you are carrying lots of equipment. And remember, you could mount additional products onto the slide camera strap using the mounting kits, see what I was saying about modular design?

And finally the Go pro mount and Standard mount, these are designed to enable you to quickly snap your gear on and off when you need it. Quite simply the red button releases the spring loaded mechanism which keeps your camera from falling off, and you just tighten it up onto whatever you want. I found these worked so well and the possibilities are endless, especially when used in tandem with a great photography bag.


These products are a fantastic purchase if you want to add a little more fun to your camera use because I found myself worrying less about getting the shot knowing my camera was always around to use, and the simplicity of the products does make it feel like you are more connected to the product. So from a design point of view? The products really are impeccable and anyone would be happy with their purchase. However I do feel the price is somewhat high, making it tough for hobbyists to justify the cost. But if you are in the market for something to ease a multiple DSLR setup, or perhaps you just like the look of the sliding camera strap, they are all fantastic products which work insanely well on by themselves and as part of a team. Don’t fear, we will be returning to touch on the individual products featured in this review at a later date in case you wanted some more details. However we really recommend the Clutch camera strap if you want something light, the Sliding camera strap is a must have for ANY pro photographer and we love the idea of the mounting systems which add ease of use to any photographers life.

You can find the full range of Peak Design products on their website, we can happily recommend everything they sell based on the superb quality of the products we received! Finally, a huge thanks to Peak Design for taking the time to send us the products!

The good?
– Just about everything is amazing about the Peak Design range, and for those who love photography? You’ll appreciate these products.
The bad?
– Quite expensive, so quite an investment for hobbyist users.


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