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By February 27, 2017 Reviews


Many products don’t harness the true potential of the Cloud, but the Y-Cam home monitor HD is a product built for safeguarding your home with free cloud recording, so you’ll never have to worry about missing something important. However, storing information in the cloud means that the evidence is stored on the net, not on a local hardrive which could mean the difference between not having the evidence to prosecute a burglar or ensuring they are caught. Obviously we don’t want to pay through the roof with a monthly subscription like many products on the market demand, instead the Y-cam HomeMonitor HD records for free to the cloud and retains the data for 7 days. But you can extend that seven day policy to a longer thirty day policy for a small fee.

Free Unlimited Cloud Recording

Save the clips that matter. Every movement detected during the last 7 days is recorded and stored in your online account, ready to view free of charge, no monthly fees.

Safe and Secure

Even if your camera is vandalised or stolen, your clips are safe in the cloud and fully protected utilising Industry standard encryption. Save your clips for 30 days by upgrading to HomeMonitor Plus.

Quick and Easy Setup

Works straight out of the box, with no recording device required. Plug in the power, connect to your network and activate your online account, that’s it – no technical skills necessary.

Relevant Notifications

HomeMonitor instantly alerts you on your smartphone when motion has been detected. Easily set up daily recording schedules and custom recording zones, on areas such as doorways and windows; to ensure you’re only alerted when it matters.

The setup of this product is incredibly in comparison to other products on the market, simply plug it into a wired Ethernet cable and follow the on-screen installation, it takes minutes and shouldn’t push people who are afraid of tech over the edge. I feel this actually deserves a huge amount of spotlight, it is so easy to setup and install. Although you’ll need a drill if you plan on mounting this to a wall, something similar. But the stand does allow you to stand it up on its own, so you can place in a variety of places.

Personally I set mine up on the WiFi but noticed no real difference between a wired and wireless connection during testing which is good, but I would recommend wired most of the time if you can. Now this product is obviously subscription free, and during the setup you’ll be prompted to setup motion detection zones. This is because the product doesn’t actually constantly record to the cloud, just when there is motion. This is actually a really great design if you plan on running a few of these cameras as they don’t really put any strain on the network, and for that matter I didn’t notice any slow down at all.

The great thing about this product is how easy it is to get notifications and login to check what is going on. I would say during the setup you may want to try setting the sensitivity as low as possible, for instance facing one onto a busy street and allowing email notifications might result in a very full inbox unless you set it up correctly. I was slightly let down that other products I’ve tested in the past had features like audio detection alerts, but the product does work well without this. And being able to set up multiple zones for detection is an added bonus!


For security purposes, some of the daylight photographs (of the plexushub office) have been removed. But we can confirm it was easy to depict objects, and faces. But the video quality still wasn’t on par with other products, I would note that the auto settings on the night vision mode seemed a little sporadic from time to time.


We found with the Y-cam HomeMonitor HD it was generally a well-rounded product. Although, with this said the video quality could be better for the price but it isn’t bad. However, the Y-cam HomeMonitor HD does something that most other products don’t, it records for free straight to the cloud, saving you subscription fees or complicated set up guides for using FTP or local storage. If it came down to a decision of purchasing this or one that came with a subscription service I had to pay for? Well, I think I would go with the Y-cam HomeMonitor HD. The push notifications are handy and with fine tuning you only really get the notifications you require.

Now I know some people might be thinking, if the product simply sends the footage when motion is detected, what about events before the detection? Well the Y-cam HomeMonitor HD actually records ten seconds behind to ensure that everything is captured. Aside from the video quality I really enjoyed testing this product and would happily recommend it to anyone looking for a low-cost home surveillance system. We’ve really enjoyed testing this, and can’t wait to see what Y-Cam have in store for us next!

Thanks Y-Cam for sending me this product to review. You can grab the Y-Cam HomeMointor HD on Y-cam here.


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